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Contacting The Surrey Website - www.justsurrey.co.uk

We Welcome Your Feedback

The scope and activity of the Justsurrey websites means that we rely heavily on the feedback from our users and prompts from our researcher in deciding the precise nature of the content that we publish. The quality and quantity of the coverage has evolved greatly in the decade we have been running the website and we welcome user ideas today as much as we did when we first started. If you have thoughts about what we should be covering don't hesitate to get in touch.

At the time of writing we're not able to respond to telephone enquiries, we would ask that all correspondent be sent to the main info@justsurrey.co.uk email address. We hope to open up further channels of communication once the big review of the website has been complete.

We are always interested in hearing about local relevant resources we can link to or feature, we welcome submissions of original content and news and press releases for inclusion. We can only accept freelance features and articles for a fee where a prior written agreement exists. If you find an error or omission or content that needs to be changed or removed please let us know, we're always happy to correct factual errors. We welcome information for free inclusion on the relevant pages, although we are never able to guarantee publication. We can accept submissions for:

  • The Surrey Diary, events big and small covering all theatres and public venues in Surrey.
  • Employers and employment resources for every town in the county.
  • Entries for our estate agent guide and all other local business directories.
  • Local news features from all local organisation in press release format.
  • Business news in press release format.
  • Suggestions for links and resources that we might links to for the benefit of our users.
  • Reviews of pubs, restaurants, tourist attractions and events that we might publish in order to add value to our existing content.
  • Strange but true events and facts connected to Surrey.

Please note that we are unable to acknowledge emails or content that is sent to us, we are unable to guarantee that use will be made of content submitted nor the page and context it will be featured in. We do not have the resources to enter into correspondence regarding our editorial policy. If you find any of the content featured on the website or that we link to inappropriate let us know and if we agree with your view we will remove it.

Justsurrey Disclaimer - Getting In Touch

Take a moment to review the Justsurrey disclaimer, we're not able to take responsibility for external websites. The object of the website is to provide relevant and useful information. Much of the material has been provided by their parties and freelance contributors and published in good faith. If you spot anything in need of change let us know. If you'd like to see something added or removed from this page please get in touch.


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