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Terms Of Use, Disclaimer & Copyright

We provide information freely for anyone who wishes to access these pages in line with some basic terms and conditions. use of the website is dependent on the acceptance of these terms and conditions. If you don't agree with them we would ask you politely not to use the website.

Terms of Use

At Justsurrey has taken every care to ensure the; statements, information and details in general contained within this website are accurate in every particular. However things do change, If you are aware of any errors or omissions let us know and where appropriate we will make necessary corrections or deletions. We only publish material we believe to be accurate and lawful, we we express opinions or allow others to do so it should be within the norms of this form of media and both relevant and appropriate. Where we publish user opinions comment and feedback we do so in good faith on the understanding they reflect the views and thoughts of third parties and not the owners and staff of the Justsurrey website.

These terms and conditions are constantly being updated and may be revised without notice.


Justsurrey makes use of some information in the public domain where it brings added value to the website and may be of interest to our audience; typically press releases and media briefings. All other published material with the Justsurrey domain should be considered under our sole copyright unless otherwise stated. Reproduction of material under our copyright is prohibited without permission (in writing) from a Justsurrey representative. Justsurrey's intellectual property includes all: graphics, presentation, scripts, content and any other material created exclusively by Justsurrey. Justsurrey is careful not to infringe copyright, where any possible infringement has taken place we'll be happy to review the material in question and make any necessary changes or amendments.


No guarantee is given or implied about the accuracy of the information held on the website. Justsurrey can accept no liability for errors or omission within the website. All the information published on the website is provided in good faith for information purposes only. Users should always check any details provided with the relevant authority/organisation.

Information is correct at the time of publication but information is time related any may quickly become out of date. If you see old or 'tired' data please let us know.

Justsurrey cannot be held liable for information contained on websites linked from the Justsurrey domain. Please direct all your emails to info@justsurrey.co.uk.


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